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  Working for the recovery of our Wild & Scenic Eel River, its fisheries and communities.

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Forest cleared for greenhouses

High Times: Marijuana Growing and the Environment

In his sunny office on the edge of town in Arcata, California, Scott Greacen pulls up a slideshow on his large high-resolution monitor. As wildflowers sway in the wind outside a window, a woodsy guitar solo starts to play along with ...

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Work proceeds on the Salt River Restoration Project Work Day in January. Since stalled, the $34 million project could risk losing funding if work on the project fails to resume by October. | Photo courtesy of Salt River Watershed Council

$34 M Salt River Restoration Stalls

Three decades in the making, the $34 million Salt River Restoration Project has now stalled, and if the project is not back up and running by October, it could risk losing its funding. According to Michael Bowen, project manager of the ...

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Glen Canyon Dam | Ben Knight, Patagonia

Study Finds Loss of Electric Generation from Glen Canyon Dam Would Have Negligible Impact on Western Grid

Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River has a total generating capacity of 1,320 megawatts, far exceeding the minuscule maximum capacity of the Potter Valley Project at 9.4 megawatts. Economic consulting firm Power Consulting recently published their study, The Impact of ...

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Benbow Dam Removal Began August 1

California’s environment got a little help from humans this month when the destruction of The Benbow Dam began on Aug. 1. Though seen as a sad day for many who used the Benbow Lake during its 50 years as a community ...

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Cape Horn Dam | Photo courtesy of June Ruckman

What is Decision 1610?

Friends of the Eel River seeks the decommissioning and removal of the two century-old dams on the upper mainstem Eel River, and an end to the diversion of Eel River flows to the Russian River. That water is taken from ...

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Summer Member Letter

July 2016 Dear Friends of the Eel River, Here it is. The blue skies and bright sunshine of Summer 2016 are upon us. For many of us, it’s time to head to the wild places, to the rivers and mountains that sustain us. ...

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Potentially toxic Anabaena growing in a bed of decaying Cladophora in South Fork Eel River side water in Phillipsville on Aug. 1.

Algae Warning Issued in Humboldt and Mendocino Counties

Press release from Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services: Typically, algae warnings come out between late July and early August, coinciding with low flows and sustained high temperatures in the inland areas. These factors, coupled with drought conditions, may ...

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Eel River PSA, By: Alice DiMicele, featuring Vince Herman

Pacific Lamprey spawning in the Eel River on April 18, 2015

Footage by Dustin Revel


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