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  Working for the recovery of our Wild & Scenic Eel River, its fisheries and communities.

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Learning from Forests

Forests play a significant role in the process of moving water throughout the landscape. As we learned from Eli Asarian's recently published report on streamflow and precipitation trends in the Eel River basin, the age and density of our forests impacts ...

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FOER Comments on Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance & Waiver of Waste Discharge

Click below to download pdf documents of our comments on marijuana cultivation legislation in 2015. Friends of the Eel River's comments to the Humboldt County Planning & Building Department on November 4 Re: Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance.  Friends of the Eel River's comments to ...

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Let's Not Allow the Marijuana Industry to Write Its Own Rules

Under a tight March 2016 timeline set by new California laws regulating medical marijuana, Humboldt County is scrambling at last to write locally appropriate rules for commercial cannabis cultivation. Among the most significant problems the new rules must address is ...

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Two New Reports: Lower Snake River Dams Failing to Pay Their Way

The following article was published by Idaho Rivers United. A system of outdated dams and locks on the lower Snake River in eastern Washington state is in continued and serious economic decline, according to two reports released this week by Save ...

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An adult Chinook salmon showing sign of infection and blindness with milky white eyes found during an Oct. 20 survey on small pools on the Eel River near Fernbridge. The lack of adequate flows on the river has caused hundreds of salmon to crowd together in small pools, thus increasing risk of infection and lack of oxygen.

Eel River Salmon go Blind Awaiting Rain

By Will Houston Recent high tides and brief mid-September rains gave some Eel River salmon a fleeting chance to move closer to their spawning grounds. But a lack of adequate flows on the river is causing many fish to fall ill ...

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Breaking Western Water Taboos

By Peter Gleick The recent severe drought in the Western United States — and California in particular — has shined a spotlight on a range of water-management practices that are outdated, unsustainable, or inappropriate for a modern 21st century water system. ...

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Richard Wilson helped bring an end to California's last dam-building era. | Dorothy Wood

Damning California's Future

Hoping to capitalize on the epic drought, the state's water industry wants to usher in a new era of dam-building in the state. But environmentalists say it would cost billions and do more harm than good. By Will Parrish On the edge ...

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Eel River PSA, By: Alice DiMicele, featuring Vince Herman

Pacific Lamprey spawning in the Eel River on April 18, 2015

Footage by Dustin Revel


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