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  Working for the recovery of our Wild & Scenic Eel River, its fisheries and communities.

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Cape Horn Dam | Photo courtesy of June Ruckman

Hydroelectric Power Officials Bemoan Federal Regulations

WASHINGTON Federal burdens dampen California’s hydroelectric power potential, PG&E and Turlock Irrigation District officials told lawmakers Tuesday. They were preaching to the Capitol Hill choir. Summoned by House Republicans who hope to unleash more of what they called a “clean, renewable and ...

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The Alexandre family and employees admire the new K-rails at Fernbridge. | Photo by Mark Larson

Shot Up and Shut Down

Why one farmer blocked off the Eel River bar It's a rare warm day in late February, a full month before spring is officially declared, and the pastures are yellow with mustard blossoms, and the Eel River is surging beneath the ...

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In this photo taken July 8, 2011, shows a lamprey at Willamette Falls, in Oregon City, Ore. As long as Indians have lived in the Northwest, they have looked to lamprey for food. But in the decades since dozens of hydroelectric dams have harnessed the power of the Columbia, Willamette and Snake rivers to make electricity, this jawless fish popularly known as an eel has steadily declined until Columbia Basin tribes have just a few places left to go for lamprey. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Pacific Lamprey Return to White Salmon River

Eel-like fish found in stretch above former dam for first time in more than a century. In the world of migratory fish, the plight of the salmon dominates the public’s attention and the research and recovery budgets of both federal and ...

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Iron Gate Dam on the Klamath River | Photo: Matt Stoecker, DamNation collection

5 Reasons Dam Removal Still Makes Sense Despite the Drought

By: Chris Clarke When Interior Secretary Donald Hodel suggested in 1987 that California might tear down O'Shaughnessy Dam in Yosemite National Park, few took him seriously. The powers that be in San Fransisco were outraged: the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir supplies San ...

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A Chinook salmon with clouded eyes showed signs of blindness during an Oct. 20, 2015 survey on the lower Eel River. A preliminary report from UC Davis found that the cause of the blindness was from a parasite commonly known as a fluke. |Photo courtesy Eric Stockwell

Report States Parasite Blinded Salmon; Virus Found in Brains

A fluke can sometimes refer to a stroke of good luck or chance, but not in the context of the animal kingdom. The flukes that some Eel River chinook salmon experienced this fall were parasites that burrowed into their eyes and ...

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Power generated from large solar installations has overtaken wind-power generation in California.

Solar Surges Past Wind, Hydro as California's No. 1 Renewable Energy Source

By: Pete Danko In just a few short years, solar power has gotten big in California, and now it’s at the top of the renewable energy heap. Data compiled from daily reports by the state’s major grid manager indicate that in 2015, ...

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A map of proposed dams and reservoirs on North Coast rivers. Note the approximate location of the currently planned Sites Reservoir.

The Reservoir Stops Here

By Will Parrish Part I October 15, 2015 On the edge of the Yolly Bolly Wilderness, about 15 miles north of the dusty cattle and marijuana town of Covelo, 81-year-old Richard Wilson sits across from me in a ranch house his father constructed ...

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Eel River PSA, By: Alice DiMicele, featuring Vince Herman

Pacific Lamprey spawning in the Eel River on April 18, 2015

Footage by Dustin Revel


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