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Blockwater Investigation Memo

This study compared impaired (with dams) and modeled unimpaired flow conditions in the Mainstem Eel River downstream of Cape Horn Dam to see how the flows could be managed to optimize juvenile salmonid habitat during the spring hydrograph recession limb.

Alison O’Dowd & William Trush
Humboldt State University River Institute
AugustĀ 2016


Long-Term Streamflow and Precipitation Trends in the Eel River Basin

This report analyses long-term (1953 – 2014 in most cases, some analyses span back as far as 1910) trends in streamflow and precipitation in the Eel River Basin.

J. Eli Asarian
Riverbend Sciences
October 2015

Report Cover_River in Balance

A River in the Balance: Benefits and Costs of Restoring Natural Water Flows to the Eel River

This report examines the several components of benefits and costs of restoring natural water flows to the Eel River. The supplemental report published in 2004, Economic Benefits to Mendocino and Lake Counties from Removing the Dams on the Eel River, focuses on the benefits of physically removing the Potter Valley Project dams, restoring the affected watershed, and increasing nature-based tourism.

Dan Ihara
Center for Environmental Economic Development
Summer 2002

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