Virtual Fish Tent

Friends of the Eel River have launched a new PR campaign to educate the general public about the condition of the Eel River and what can be done about it. To that end we have made a spectacular Fish Tent (24 feet long by 20 feet wide and 22 feet tall) with redwood trees coming out of the top. This is the biggest fish to date created by Friends of the Eel River under the design and guidance of Humboldt artist Michael Guerriero and fabricated by Dorje Bond of In Tents in Laytonville.

The displays inside the fish are a visual presentation of the Eel River and the problems it is facing. Over 30 photographers contributing their work to this endeavor. We are very excited and pleased at how well the tent looks and the accolades from the many thousands of people who have now seen this tent and display. It is really more of an art installation as it is far more than just a tent.


Excerpts From Display Panels
Railway Panel Flood Panel
Dams Panel Lost Habitat Panel
Salmon Lifecycle Restoration – Shifting Priorities
Restoration – A 15 Year Overview Restoration – A Learning Experience

We would very much like to hear from you about possible events where we can educate the general public on the continuum of watersheds, estuaries and ocean connectivity; status of the salmon; and our own effort to remove the two antiquated dams and diversion tunnel that make up the PG&E Potter Valley Project.

Link to Potter Valley Dam Projects

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