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Action Alert: Submit Comments on Scoping Document 3

Hi Friends,  Here’s another chance to make your voice heard and help us elevate critical issues related to Eel River dam removal. The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) just issued...
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Summer steelhead workshop report offers a new path to protection

By Scott Greacen, FOER Conservation Director Over the last few years, Friends of the Eel River has been calling particular attention to summer steelhead in the Eel River. These extraordinary...
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EcoNews Report on summer steelhead and spring chinook salmon

Recent scientific discoveries have validated the ancient knowledge that summer-run steelhead and spring chinook salmon are truly distinct from their winter- and fall-run cousins. The Karuk Tribe has filed a...
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EcoNews Report on Scott Dam Removal

The EcoNews crew with guests Darren Mierau of California Trout and Klamath dam campaign veteran Craig Tucker discussing the nascent plan to remove Scott Dam and restore salmon and steelhead to the...
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Action Alert: Submit Comments on Feasibility Study Report Filing to FERC

We’d really appreciate your help with a little project we’ve been working on: SCOTT DAM REMOVAL!!! As Friends of the Eel River has been arguing for decades, removal of Scott...
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Virtual Greeting and Program Updates

In lieu of our regular spring open house, we prepared a virtual greeting and program update. Tune in to see what working from home looks like for us and to...
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BREAKING NEWS: A Plan to Remove Scott Dam Has Been Submitted

Today’s filing proposes to remove Scott Dam, which would allow Eel River fish passage to their headwaters habitat for the first time in a century. That’s a start. But too many questions remain unresolved.
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FOER Comments on 8 Mile Bridge

CalTrans is preparing to rebuild Eight Mile Bridge, formally known as South Eel River Bridge, on hwy 162 crossing Outlet Creek. In their Initial Study CalTrans proposes a Mitigated Negative...
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Core Programs

One of Friends of the Eel River’s long-term goals, decommissioning and removal of the Eel River dams, may soon become a reality.

Click here to learn more about the two Eel River dams and what we are doing to get them removed.

Friends of the Eel River’s 2017 win at the California Supreme Court helped pave the way for a new future along the old Northwestern Pacific Rail line. Thanks to Senator Mike McGuire and many others, the right of way is transitioning into a rail-to-trail project known as the Great Redwood Trail.

Click here to learn about the transition and the vision for the Great Redwood Trail.

Friends of the Eel River advocates for beneficial land-use policies and effective regulations at the county-level and encourages land owners to practices watershed stewardship.

Click here to access landowner resources and learn about our advocacy.

Eel River Fish Count Station at Van Arsdale Reservoir


Cape Horn dam impounds the river to form Van Arsdale Reservoir. It is located downstream from Scott dam, is the smaller of the two dams, and has a fish ladder.

May 28, 2020

The Chinook count remains at 153 (Male 32, Female 65, Jack 41, Unk 15).

In the past few weeks three steelhead ascended the ladder. The steelhead count stands at 263 (Male 90, Female 124, Unk 49).

Scott L Harris

Associate Biologist (Marine/Fish)
Northern Region

Learn more about fish counts on the Eel River here.