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Volunteers Needed for Earth Weekend Cleanup on April 20

Eel River Cleanup Project and Friends of the Eel River are collaborating on a cleanup event on Saturday April 20 from 11am – 2pm. Heading north on Redwood Drive from...
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How Do Fish Get Counted, and Why Does Genetic Diversity Matter? EcoNews Report #225

  This week on the EcoNews Report we discuss how fish are monitored and counted. Our host Alicia Hamann from Friends of the Eel River is joined by Dave Kajtaniak...
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KMUD Environment Show: Dam Removal, Groundwater, and the Great Redwood Trail

Tune into this recording from the KMUD Environment Show hosted by Tom Wheeler to hear our Executive Director Alicia Hamann discuss our most pressing initiatives at Friends of the Eel...
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Update on Public Trust Groundwater Lawsuit

In the fall of 2022 Friends of the Eel River filed suit against Humboldt County for failing to protect the public trust values of the Lower Eel River by managing...
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Meet Our New Staff

We are excited to introduce our supporters to our new Administrative Manager Kanan Beissert! Kanan is a recent graduate of the Environmental Sciences program at Cal Poly Humboldt and is an...
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Volunteers Needed for “Love Your River” Cleanup on February 17

Eel River Cleanup Project and Friends of the Eel River are collaborating on a "Love Your River" cleanup event on Saturday February 17 from 11am - 2pm. Heading north on...
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Declining Access to Public Spaces

 On this week’s episode of the EcoNews Report, host Alicia Hamann from Friends of the Eel River is joined by long-time Eureka resident and fisherman Steve Rosenberg and Humboldt Trails Council’s Advisory...
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Protecting Public Access to the Van Duzen River

Background Friends of the Eel River, along with our allies in the Great Redwood Trail Friends coalition are still pursuing protections for public access to both the future Great Redwood...
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Core Programs

One of Friends of the Eel River’s long-term goals, decommissioning and removal of the Eel River dams, may soon become a reality.

Click here to learn more about the two Eel River dams and what we are doing to get them removed.

Friends of the Eel River’s 2017 win at the California Supreme Court helped pave the way for a new future along the old Northwestern Pacific Rail line. Thanks to Senator Mike McGuire and many others, the right of way is transitioning into a rail-to-trail project known as the Great Redwood Trail.

Click here to learn about the transition and the vision for the Great Redwood Trail.

Friends of the Eel River advocates for beneficial land-use policies and effective regulations at the county-level and encourages land owners to practices watershed stewardship.

Click here to access landowner resources and learn about our advocacy.

Eel River Fish Count Station at Van Arsdale Reservoir


Cape Horn dam impounds the river to form Van Arsdale Reservoir. It is located downstream from Scott dam, is the smaller of the two dams, and has a fish ladder.

2023-2024 Adult Migration Season: Mar. 18 – 24, 2024

March 24, 2024

Over the past week, 12 adult steelhead (female 2, male 8, unknown 2) were observed moving upstream through the fishway at Cape Horn Dam. The season total for adult steelhead now stands at 203 (female 92, male 78, unknown 33).

During this same timeframe, 6 subadults were also observed utilizing the fishway. The season total for subadult steelhead stands at 39.

Andrew Anderson

PG&E | Aquatic Biologist


Learn more about fish counts on the Eel River here.