2011: The Year of the River

Posted on January 5, 2011 | Filed Under: Dams & Dam Removal , Restoring Rivers Amy Souers Kober Senior Director of Communications Hold on to your paddles, because 2011 is going to be a thrilling year. From Maine to Washington, we will be celebrating a river renaissance as waters long-dammed come back to life. 2011 will see the nation’s … Read more

Will Parrish: On Memory & Forgetting in Wine Country

Help Support Important Local Reporting, Subscribe Today http://theava.com/ From WILL PARRISH Laytonville Soon after I became outspoken in my criticism of the regional wine industry, I began having conversations with local people for whom this issue is deeply personal. Across recent decades, the sprawling North Coast booze sector has recklessly reconfigured landbases, sucked waterways dry, killed off … Read more

2010 River Warrior Awards Announced

Friends of the Eel River is proud to share that Nadananda was selected as a River Warrior for 2010.
Water Heritage Trust, a project of the Resource Renewal Institute, Recognizing individuals and organizations that protect and improve water quality, fish, wildlife, and riparian ecosystems and acknowledging the sacrifice and dedication required to meet the challenge of climate change impacts on our land, water, and wildlife.