Human Right to Water Bills Pass Key Assembly Committees

Grassroots Advocates Created Momentum in Packed Hearings by Dan Bacher Tuesday, April 26 was a great day for the future of safe drinking water in California, where many rural and urban communities lack drinkable water. Safe water advocates from across the state hailed the passage of AB685, the Human Right to Water bill, by an … Read more

What BoxCo Does Best

Help Support Important Local Reporting, Subscribe Today   by Will Parrish on Apr 17th, 2011   For most of the past 150 years, the California North Coast has had a clearly defined role in the state’s political economy.  The region was blessed with vast, nearly impenetrable forests of huge redwood trees and accompanying great stands … Read more

Marin Voice: Lopsided freight train lease

By Bernard Meyers Guest op-ed column Posted: 03/24/2011 02:00:00 AM PDT TWO TRAINS share the tracks running through Marin to Humboldt Bay — one for commuter service (SMART) and one for freight (North Coast Railroad Authority). No trains have run for a decade, but freight trains could soon be if the last hurdles are cleared. NCRA’s … Read more