Donations accepted for Celebrating the 2010 Eel River Salmon project

We have a reason to celebrate.Last Autumn and Winter was notable in the number of salmon counted in the Eel River Watershed, as well many of our other northern California rivers. The quantity of chinook salmon counted in the Eel was equaled only by fish counts conducted in the 1940’s.
With this in mind, I am organizing a commemorative project to engage the youth in the watershed with education in art, watershed dynamics, salmon cycle and how we all play in survival of the salmon.
Groups of students, 10-18 years old, throughout the Eel River watershed will be invited to drawing and screen printing workshops held at the various schools or public events.   While watching projected images of salmon swimming they will produce several brush drawings.  They will be assigned a screen to produce a stencil based on their favorite drawing.  Students will have an opportunity to print their images on paper and cloth. During these sessions the curriculum  will introduce the following: watershed dynamics, salmon cycle, drawing, screen printing and community dynamics.
Using the stencils and acrylic paints, I will produce works on paper and canvas. Some example of titles would be: Opposing, Jumping Falls, Deep Pools, Circling, Schools, At the Dam, Throughout the Watershed.
An art show will be assembled at the Humboldt State University, First Street Gallery in Eureka, California during April and May of 2012. The show will contain the canvases, some of the original drawing, paper prints, flags and an overview of the watershed with a focus on the perils of the current salmon runs and solutions for a healthier watershed.
I have already started with workshops. Three groups of students, have produced 50 fish stencils. With the first thirteen, I assembled several prints on paper and one acrylic painting on canvas. The budget includes workshops with children throughout the watershed with a goal of having 200-300 images of salmon to incorporate into the exhibit.
Donations for the project will be accepted at the Office of Friends of the Eel River,PO Box 2039 Sausalito, CA 94966
If you are associated with a group of children in the Eel River Watershed that may be interested in this project, please contact me at