Growers of Thirsty Pot are Under Fire in Drought-Struck California

In drought-hit California, marijuana growers are feeling the heat, accused of using too much water for their thirsty plants and of polluting streams and rivers with their pesticides and fertilizers. … Nevedal and other pot backers said the ultimate solution was for Congress to fully legalize the drug, which she said would eliminate the need … Read more

Continuing to Pump, San Joaquin Valley Irrigation Districts Selling Surplus

Irrigation districts provide water that’s key to agricultural prosperity in the Northern San Joaquin Valley, but some of those districts also have been cashing in on the region’s water resources. … Concerns about falling groundwater levels persuaded Stanislaus County supervisors to outlaw groundwater mining last fall, but their ordinance exempted irrigation districts from the ban. … Read more

State Streamlines Domestic Water Tank Storage Process in Response to Drought

On March 13, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) and the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) announced expedited approval for the installation of storage tanks by landowners who currently divert water from coastal rivers in CDFW regions 1 & 3.  Humboldt County and most of the Eel River watershed are … Read more

Sciences and Spirit can Save Rivers and Fish, Speakers Declare at FOER Symposium

Sustaining our ecosystem is like paddling a canoe, Strange, a former river guide, pointed out. “You have to know what happened upstream and where the rapids are, and you have to paddle together, stay balanced, and respect the river.” “Nothing is more scary and sensitive to landowners than questions about their water use,” said Stolzman. … Read more

US Ecosystem Research Receives $5 Million Boost from the NSF

This kind of science represents the future: large-scale, wired programs that integrate fertile teams of naturalists, geoscientists and programmers. Science and engineering students could set their sights on cookie-cutter technology careers or take on the greatest challenge of our time: learning how the Earth works and changing our ways of life to work with it. … Read more