Pacific Lamprey Spawning in Eel River

Pacific Lamprey spawning in Eel River below Tomki Creek, April 18 2015. Footage by Dustin Revel. Pacific Lamprey are the fish for which the Eel River was “mis-named”. Thought by white settlers to resemble Atlantic eels, lamprey actually lack the jaws and paired fins that distinguish other fish. They also have round sucker-like mouths, no … Read more

Comments to US Army Corps re: Gravel Mining in Humboldt County

Thursday, April 02, 2015 Jim Mazza U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Regulatory Division 1455 Market Street 16th Floor San Francisco, CA 94103-1398 RE: Comments on Proposed Letters of Permission Procedure for Gravel Mining in Humboldt County (LOP 2015-1) Dear Mr. Mazza, On behalf of the Environmental Law Foundation (“ELF”) and Friends of the Eel River … Read more

The Sixth Mass Extinction is Happening in Humboldt

And Big Weed seems nearly as concerned about the loss of coho salmon as the timber industry was. In the last EcoNews, I wrote about the new federal Recovery Plan for coho salmon, and its warning that water diversions and sediment impacts associated with the booming marijuana industry present grave threats to coho recovery in … Read more