For a New Culture of Water in California

Just a year after Jerry Brown signed into law The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA), the Union of Concerned Scientists has published a riveting report titled “Measuring What Matters: Setting Measurable Objectives to Achieve Sustainable Groundwater Management in California.” Thirty-eight compressed pages, with a clear, concise text, along with eye-catching tables, charts, photos, a glossary … Read more

County Takes the Reins on Marijuana Regs as CCVH Steps Back

The controversial political action group California Cannabis Voice-Humboldt (CCVH) has been adorning their newsletters and press releases with “#SameTeam” for months now, and you’d be forgiven for dismissing the hashtag as yet more sunny propaganda from a group prone to overstatement and declarations of its own historical import. But today in the chambers of the Humboldt County Board … Read more

Summer Member Letter

Dear Friends, You have all seen drastic changes taking place in our world. Locally, we are watching coho disappear from our community forever. Current damages to the Eel River watershed like illegal diversions, sediment discharges, and pesticide runoff are all adding up towards ruin. We must put a stop to these current and future impacts. … Read more

Coho vs. Pinot

In July, roughly 1,000 rural Sonoma County residents overflowed classrooms and small meeting chambers at five informational sessions convened by the State Water Resources Control Board. It would be hard to exaggerate many attendees’ outrage. At one meeting, two men got in a fistfight over whether to be “respectful” to the state and federal officials … Read more