Comments to FERC re: Application for Temporary Variance of Minimum Flow Requirement

In July 2016 PG&E requested yet another temporary variance from minimum flow requirements for the purpose of preserving water resources during the drought. We submitted comments on the variance, voicing our concern about inadequate management of the Potter Valley Project. Read a portion of our comments below, or click here to read the entire document. … Read more

Study Finds Loss of Electric Generation from Glen Canyon Dam Would Have Negligible Impact on Western Grid

Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River has a total generating capacity of 1,320 megawatts, far exceeding the minuscule maximum capacity of the Potter Valley Project at 9.4 megawatts. Economic consulting firm Power Consulting recently published their study, The Impact of the Loss of Electric Generation at Glen Canyon Dam, in which they expose how unnecessary antiquated … Read more

Benbow Dam Removal Began August 1

California’s environment got a little help from humans this month when the destruction of The Benbow Dam began on Aug. 1. Though seen as a sad day for many who used the Benbow Lake during its 50 years as a community swimming location, others view the demolition as a long-overdue return to a more natural … Read more