Reservoirs are a Major Source of Global Greenhouse Gases, Scientists Say

Countries around the world are trying to get their greenhouse gas emissions under control — to see them inch down, percentage point by percentage point, from where they stood earlier in the century. If everybody gets on board, and shaves off enough of those percentage points, we just might be able to get on a … Read more

Officials Raise Alarm Over 2.4 Million Gallons of Flammable Gas Parked in Rail Cars South of Sonoma

The storage of approximately 2.4 million gallons of liquefied petroleum gas in dozens of rail cars south of Sonoma is raising public safety concerns and demands that the hazardous material be removed immediately. About 80 rail cars filled with flammable gas are parked on tracks in Schellville just south of where Highway 121 intersects 8th … Read more

High Times: Marijuana Growing and the Environment

In his sunny office on the edge of town in Arcata, California, Scott Greacen pulls up a slideshow on his large high-resolution monitor. As wildflowers sway in the wind outside a window, a woodsy guitar solo starts to play along with the pictures. Greacen mutes it; he wants to focus on destruction. Aerial images of clear-cut … Read more

$34 M Salt River Restoration Stalls

Three decades in the making, the $34 million Salt River Restoration Project has now stalled, and if the project is not back up and running by October, it could risk losing its funding. According to Michael Bowen, project manager of the California Coastal Conservancy, the stalled project could impact local restoration and construction economies. “There … Read more