A Native Plan to Restore the Winter Run Chinook

California is well known as an agricultural powerhouse, feeding the world with almonds, rice, avocados, stone fruits and wine. But long ago, from its coastal watersheds to its interior mountains, this state was shaped by another force altogether: salmon. Caleen Sisk, chief of the Winnemem Wintu people, wants to see California embrace its natural – … Read more

California’s Dire Drought Message Wanes, Conservation Levels Drop

Remember the California drought? It was all over the news a year ago, when the state took the unprecedented step of mandating statewide water cutbacks. The Sierra Nevada snowpack was at its lowest recorded level. Rivers and reservoirs were getting shallower and shallower. Wells in rural towns were literally running dry. That drought is still … Read more

State Water Board Fears Water-Saving Has Been Abandoned

FRESNO — New figures Wednesday show Californians’ summer water use up by more than a third since the same time last year, making water regulators worry some areas have abandoned drought-time water savings since the state lifted mandatory conservation orders. “We’re at yellow alert,” said Felicia Marcus, chairwoman of the state Water Resources Control Board, … Read more

North Coast Growers Divided on Prop. 64

Hezekiah Allen of the California Growers Association Tells LoCO Why He Won’t Vote for Weed Legalization This Fall Humboldt County voted against marijuana legalization last time it was on the ballot, in 2010, and Southern Humboldt — the weed-growing capital of the county — voted against it by a wide margin. This has given us … Read more

SMART Prevents More Deliveries of Gas-Filled Cars to Shellville

The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit Authority prevented a North Coast freight operator from delivering a dozen more rail cars filled with an estimated 396,000 gallons of flammable gas to a storage site south of Sonoma, escalating tensions between the rail agencies. The squabble is increasing uncertainty for freight customers along the Highway 101 corridor, where … Read more