The NCRA’s ‘Plan’: A Grifter’s Pitch for Suckers

Friends of the Eel River has been confronting the North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) for many years over the agency’s plans to rebuild the failed rail line1 from Humboldt Bay to the San Francisco Bay area through the spectacular but unstable and vulnerable Eel River Canyon2. At the heart of this dispute is the Environmental … Read more

A gigantic thank you to our departing founder, Nadananda Hamilton

If you are a fan of the Eel River, you undoubtedly know the name Nadananda. Back in 1994, Nadananda decided it was time to start restoring the struggling Eel River. Under her leadership, a group of southern Humboldt residents launched Friends of the Eel River to begin the long and arduous process of, among other … Read more

The Importance of Baseline Data and Cumulative Effects

“This is where we get to the idea of cumulative effects – how do we ensure that the watershed remains capable of supporting salmon and steelhead and other species that we need and frankly have an obligation to.”  Scott Greacen, Conservation Director for Friends of the Eel River, hosts with guest Larry Glass, President of … Read more