North Coast Railroad Authority

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In March 2018, California State Senator Mike McGuire introduced the Great Redwood Trail Act (SB 1029) to simultaneously resolve the festering debacle of the North Coast Railroad Authority and advance a vision for a world class trail network for the Eel River Canyon and the North Coast.

It is profoundly important that the California Legislature is moving at last to abolish the North Coast Railroad Authority. Over decades of reckless mismanagement, the NCRA failed in its mission, abused the public trust, and threatened the Eel River with its plan to bring back 19th century engineering approaches to 21st century environmental challenges.

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Legal Update

The California Supreme Court published their decision on our case against the NCRA on July 27.
We won! Read our press release and the court’s decision here.

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Some of our staff and allies after a great day defending the Eel River at the California Supreme Court
Some of our staff and allies after a great day defending the Eel River at the California Supreme Court

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Northwest Pacific Railroad and the North Coast Railroad Authority

Construction began on the Northwest Pacific Railroad in 1906 and was completed in 1914. A landslide delayed the inaugural run and golden spike ceremony, an appropriate start for a rail line in such a geologically fragile location as the Eel River Canyon.

In 1989 the North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) was established by the California Legislature and tasked with saving the rail line from total abandonment.

The Northwest Pacific Railroad was the first railroad to be officially closed by the Federal Railroad Authority. At the time of closure in 1998, the railroad contained more than 208 damaged areas along the 216 miles of track and was within numerous violations of the Fish and Game Code, Health and Safety Code and the Water Code, all meant to protect our Public Trust resources.