Dam Removal Resources


This film released in 2014 with support from Patagonia makes an excellent case in support of dam removal. Friends of the Eel River highly recommends DamNation as an educational and inspirational resource.



The Hydropower Reform Coalition has great resources on hydropower, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and the effects of dams on river systems.

Article Archive

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Why We Remove Dams, examples of how dams can harm rivers.

Dam Effects, an interactive site showing how dams effect rivers.

Exploring Dam Removal; A Decision-Making Guide

USGS Dam Removal Information Portal (DRIP)

Academic Papers

Factors Influencing the Survival of Outmigrating Juvenile Salmonids Through Multiple Dam Passages: An Individual-Based Approach
June 2016

Dam Removal and Anadromous Salmonid Conservation in California
October 2013

Restoring Salmon Habitat for a Changing Climate
May 2012

Big Dams and Salmon Evolution: Changes in Thermal Regimes and Their Potential Evolutionary Consequences
May 2008

Biological Impacts of the Elwha River Dams and Potential Salmonid Responses to Dam Removal
December 2008

Trading Off: The Ecological Effects of Dam Removal
February 2003

The Ecology of Dam Removal: A Summary of Benefits and Impacts
February 2002

Downstream Ecological Effects of Dams
March 1995