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Submit Comments on Feasibility Study Report Filing to FERC

Removal of Scott Dam is the most important thing we can do to give imperiled Eel River salmon and steelhead the chance to recover. You can help make Scott Dam removal a reality by writing your own brief comments today to help FERC staff, other stakeholders, and political leaders understand how important it is to remove Scott Dam as soon as possible. We owe it to Eel River steelhead and salmon to give them the chance to find their way home and recover their natural abundance.

Help us encourage FERC staff, other stakeholders, and political leaders to understand how important it is to remove Scott Dam as soon as possible..

Click here for more information and instructions on submitting comments to FERC online.

Ask Governor Newsom to Hold PG&E Accountable

Governor Newsom is working to hold PG&E accountable for needed safety improvements on their other infrastructure. He is in a position to mandate that PG&E take financial responsibility for the liability of dam removal on the Eel River. We believe it is unfair to place the burden of these cleanup costs on the public. Please join us in asking Governor Newsom to ensure that any resolution of Pacific Gas and Electric’s bankruptcy includes provisions for the utility’s liabilities for the two dams on the upper Eel River.

Help us encourage Governor Newsom to hold PG&E accountable for the Eel River dams.

Click here for more information and instructions on contacting Governor Newsom.

Comment on Humboldt Wind Energy Project FEIR, Attend Planning Commission Hearings

Simulation showing what the view from Scotia would look like after large turbines are installed atop Monument Ridge. |File photo courtesy Terra-Gen.

Friends of the Eel River believe that renewable energy development is a critical step in addressing our climate crisis. The proposed Terra-Gen wind project needs to be adequately mitigated for its potential harm to wildlife, sediment pollution from the transmission corridor, and increased fire risk posed by the gen-tie line. Please join us in submitting additional comments and attending the upcoming planning commission hearings to request additional conditions to improve the project.

Help us ensure that alternative energy development is thoughtful and safe for our ecosystem.

Click here to learn more about our position, upcoming public hearings, and how to submit comments.

Comment on Humboldt Wind Energy Project DEIR

Simulation showing what the view from Scotia would look like after large turbines are installed atop Monument Ridge. |File photo courtesy Terra-Gen.

The energy company Terra-Gen (DBA Humboldt Wind LLC) is proposing a wind energy development on Bear and Monument ridges in the Eel River watershed near the towns of Scotia and Rio Dell. The Humboldt Wind Energy Project would include approximately 60 600 foot tall towers, 17 miles of new road, support facilities, and a 30+ mile transmission line on an approximately 2,218 acre footprint. Some of our concerns include transmission line impacts to streams, old growth, and increased fire risk, directional drilling under the Eel river, and impacts to birds and bats.

Help us ensure that alternative energy development is thoughtful and safe for our ecosystem.

Click here to send comments to Humboldt County by June 14th.

Help Stop the Attack on Rails to Trails

In response to a petition from an anti-trails group called the National Association of Reversionary Property Owners (NARPO), the federal Surface Transportation Board (STB) is proposing to limit the time in which railbanking agreements can be negotiated to three years, absent ‘extraordinary circumstances.’

For complex projects like the 300-mile long Great Redwood Trail, this arbitrary timeline imposition would create an unreasonably high hurdle.

Help us keep federal railbanking rules reasonable and give the Great Redwood Trail a chance!

Click here to send comments to the Surface Transportation Board by Nov 1

Encourage Governor Brown to Sign the Great Redwood Trail Act (SB 1029)

For decades now, the North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) has failed both to restore rail service the North Coast evidently doesn’t need and to protect the Eel River and its fisheries from the impacts of the failed rail line through the fragile Eel River canyon.  Senator Mike McGuire’s Great Redwood Trail Act (SB 1029) will dissolve the NCRA and prioritize non-motorized trail development along the rail right of way. (Click here for more details). SB 1029 sailed through the Senate this spring and is widely supported in Humboldt County.  

Help us encourage Governor Brown to support the financing necessary to resolve the NCRA’s liabilities and make the Great Redwood Trail Agency happen.

Click here for talking points and Governor Brown’s contact information

Demand Effective Regulation of Commercial Cannabis Cultivation in Humboldt County

To protect the North Coast’s waters and fish, we need to raise our voices to demand Humboldt County effectively regulate its cannabis industry. Please join us on Monday, March 19 at 9:00 am at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting to give brief public testimony before the Board acts to ratify its deeply flawed proposed cannabis cultivation ordinance. It’s time for the County to take responsibility for righting the wrongs of the illicit weed industry it has enabled. It’s a new day for cannabis in California, and the old black market model is no longer viable.

Help us demand informed analysis and effective regulation for our watershed!

Click here for talking points and more information about the meeting on March 19

Humboldt County Commercial Cannabis Draft EIR

Humboldt County’s Cannabis Cultivation Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) is now available for review. We believe that the DEIR does not adequately address cumulative impacts from the thousands of cannabis cultivation sites currently in existence. The county has failed to conduct thorough analysis of cannabis cultivation impacts, so we don’t have the data necessary to determine how much activity our landscape can handle. But we do know that fish are dying unnecessarily.

Help us demand effective regulation for our watershed!

Click here to learn more and submit comments by October 16

Scoping Comments on Eel River Dams

We need members of the public to join us in submitting comments to FERC by August 4 that call for two main things. First, for FERC to reissue their scoping notice for this project and include project decommissioning and removal as an alternative for detailed study in the Environmental Impact Study. Second, we need members of the public, particularly those who live downstream from the dams, to demand transparency of dam safety materials, including an Emergency Action Plan.

Please help us remove dams on the Eel River!

Click here to learn more and submit comments by August 4

Wild & Scenic Rivers Protection, AB 975

AB 975 modifies California’s Wild & Scenic River protections to meet Federal standards by expanding the area of state protection beyond the edge of the river to ¼ mile on each side of the river and recognizing all river-associated values protected in the federal system, including historical, cultural, geological, and other similar values. Logging and water development interests have targeted AB 975, making outrageous claims that the bill adds rivers to the system, expands 200-foot special treatment areas under the state’s logging regulations, and that it would adversely affect the state’s current wild and scenic study of the Mokelumne River. None of these claims are true.

Please help us urge Assemblymember Jim Wood to vote YES on AB 975

Click here to learn more and take action

Eel River Valley Groundwater

Lower Eel_9.15.2014The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) established a process for local agencies to develop an Alternative in lieu of a Groundwater Sustainability Plan.

Humboldt County submitted an “Alternative” claiming the lower Eel River groundwater basin has operated within sustainable yield for the past 10 years. Given the low flows and other issues like salt water intrusion in the lower Eel valley, we do not agree that the basin has operated within sustainable yield.

Learn more about SGMA
Humboldt County’s SGMA Alternative
Comments accepted here until April 1 2017

BLM’s NW California Resource Management Plan

File_007The Bureau of Land Management is updating their Northwest California Integrated Resource Management Plan, the purpose of which is to make land use decisions to guide the management of BLM lands within the planning area. The plan needs to needs to address current planning issues and resource conditions. Managers should use up to date information and incorporate present-day policies and direction.

In our comments we encourage protecting wild lands from human impacts; restoring native species, functional wildlife habitat, and ecological processes; and connecting the public to the landscape with sustainable recreation opportunities.

Read our comments here.

Fish Flows Project

Potter Valley Project Diversion TunnelAsk Sonoma County Water Agency to manage the Russian River without Eel River water.

Under orders from the State Water Board and federal fisheries managers, the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) is rewriting the rules that govern stream flows in the Russian River watershed. This is important because water diverted from the upper mainstem Eel River through the Potter Valley Project has long been used to cover up the over-allocation and mismanagement of the Russian River’s own flows.

Click here to learn more and comment by March 10 2017.