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PG&E Moves Forward with Eel River Dam Removal
North Coast Journal, November 23, 2023

PG&E to remove Eel River dams as early as 2028
KRCR – ABC, November 20, 2023

PG&E offers first look at surrender options for Potter Valley Project
KZYX – Mendocino County Public Broadcasting, November 20, 2023

Sonoma, Mendocino county water managers propose pathway for continued diversions
Press Democrat, August 8, 2023

New Proposal Over Eel River Water Diversion Plan Leaves Some Stakeholders Out
Redheaded Blackbelt, August 8, 2023

Multiple groups wary of new Potter Valley Project plan
Times Standard, August 8, 2023

Latest proposal for Potter Valley Project future put to PG&E
Nor Cal Public Media, August 8, 2023

‘Cooking the Fish’: Irrigators and Environmentalists Disagree Over Reducing Eel River’s Flow at Scott Dam
Redheaded Blackbelt, August 6, 2023

PG&E Proposes Reducing Russian River Flow and Transferring Potter Valley Project to Subsidiary
Redheaded Blackbelt, July 18, 2023

PG&E Plans to Remove Both Potter Valley Project Dams – Mendo, Humboldt, Lake and Sonoma Fight
Redheaded Blackbelt, May 18, 2023

Fishing and Conservation Groups Sue PG&E Alleging Harm to Salmon and Steelhead on the Eel River
Lost Coast Outpost, May 16, 2023

Citing Increased Seismic Risk, PG&E Will Leave Spillway Gates Open at Scott Dam, Allowing More Springtime Water to Flow Into the Eel River
Lost Coast Outpost, March 17, 2023


New Twist For Potter Valley Project
Redheaded Blackbelt, December 29, 2022

Environmental groups intend to sue PG&E over Potter Valley Project
Jefferson Public Radio, April 20 2022

An Expired License, A Mysterious Applicant, And a Threat to Sue: What Else Can We Expect as the Fight to Control the Waters of the Eel River Continues? 
Redheaded Blackbelt, April 19 2022

Environmental, Fishing Groups Submit Notice of Intent to Sue PG&E for Violating Endangered Species Act With Potter Valley Project on the Eel River
Lost Coast Outpost, April 18 2022

Environmentalists, fishermen threaten to sue PG&E over Potter Valley Project
Times-Standard, April 18 2022

Fishery groups plan to sue PG&E over Potter Valley plant and related Scott, Cape Horn dams
The Press Democrat, April 18 2022

Eel River Dam Removal is Moving Forward. It Will Create California’s Longest Free-Flowing River
Active NorCal, April 17 2022

‘Beginning of the end’: Potter Valley Project license expires
Times Standard, April 14 2022

The Potter Valley Project’s License Expires Today
Lost Coast Outpost, April 14 2022

Letters: Salmon, not grapes, are at risk
The Ukiah Daily Journal, April 2 2022

Catching Even Insiders ‘Off Guard’, PG&E Decides to Return to the Potter Valley Project, which diverts water from the Eel River, to Full Operational Status
Redheaded Blackbelt, February 4 2022

PG&E to bring Potter Valley Project back online as license takeover unravels
Times-Standard, February 3 2022

Plan to acquire Mendocino County power plant unravels
The Press Democrat, February 1 2022


Potter Valley Project relicensing effort facing costly hurdles
Sarah Reith, KZYX News – Mendocino County’s Public and Community Radio, October 18 2021

More time sought for Potter Valley Project license takeover
Times-Standards, September 9 2021


A second chance for Eel River salmon and steelhead? | Tuleyome Tales
Daily Democrat, November 28 2020

Scott Dam Slated for Removal in Plan by Sonoma County and Partners to Control Hydropower Project
The Press Democrat, May 13 2020

Local Coalition Advances Plan to Remove Scott Dam on the Eel River, Acquire Potter Valley Project From PG&E
Lost Coast Outpost, May 13 2020


Future of Potter Valley Power Project Could Hinge on Option for Dam at Lake Pillsbury
The Press Democrat, November 28 2019

Round Valley Tribes Join Two-Basin Solution Effort for Potter Valley Project
The Ukiah Daily Journal, September 11 2019

Plan to Acquire Potter Valley Project Formally Announced
Lake County Record Bee, May 16 2019

Potter Valley Project: Could the Dams go but the Diversions Remain?
The Ukiah Daily Journal, February 20 2019

Marin Water Supply Impacts Eyed as PG&E Seeks Hydropower Plant Sale
Marin Independent Journal, January 8 2019

PG&E Says It Will Abandon Efforts to Sell or Relicense Eel River-Diverting Dams at Potter Valley
Lost Coast Outpost, January 25 2019

Friends of the Eel River Welcomes PG&E’s Abandonment of Eel River Dams Relicensing Application
Friends of the Eel River, January 25 2019

As Bankruptcy Looms, PG&E Will Walk Away from Two Dams It Owns. What About the Other 167?
Sacramento Bee, January 25 2019


Diverted California River Sustains California Wine Industry, but It’s Killing Salmon
Water Deeply, January 29 2018
Friends of the Eel River thinks it is a stretch to claim diversions from the Eel River “sustain” the California wine industry, but it is certainly killing salmon.

PG&E Tells Regional Commission It’s Thinking about Selling or Abandoning Potter Valley Dams, Which Take Water Out of the Eel and Send it South
Lost Coast Outpost, February 23 2018

The Water, Not the Power
Anderson Valley Advertiser, March 7 2018

New Earthquake Hazards App Shows Fault Line at Scott Dam Location
Friends of the Eel River, April 5 2018

PG&E to Sell Off Potter Valley Project, Which Diverts Eel River Water South, Friends of the Eel Vows to Keep Up Fight
Lost Coast Outpost, May 11 2018

Friends of the Eel Decries ‘Secret Plans’ for Future of River-Draining Potter Valley Dams; Board of Supes Meets on Issue Tomorrow
Lost Coast Outpost, May 14 2018

FOER Comments to Humboldt County on Eel River Fisheries Restoration and Dam Removal
Friends of the Eel River, May 31 2018

Supervisors Call for Removal of Scott Dam, Solidify Stance on Potter Valley Project
Eureka Times Standard, June 5 2018

Mendo County Stakeholders Want to Take Over the Potter Valley Project, Which Diverts Water From the Eel; Local Enviros Say That Spells Trouble
Lost Coast Outpost, August 16 2018

PG&E Moves to Auction Off Eel River Dams Amid Growing Seismic Safety Concerns
Friends of the Eel River, September 6 2018

PG&E Has Put the Potter Valley Project up for Auction and Who Buys it Could Reshape Water Policy for Decades
The Mendocino Voice, September 9 2018

Will a Landslide on the Eel River Cause California’s Next Dam Disaster?
Water Deeply, October 3 2018


Eel River Dams (de)licensing Update
Friends of the Eel River, September 22 2017

109-year-old Potter Valley Project the controversial link between Russian and Eel Rivers
Press Democrat, April 8 2017


Balancing the Russian River on the Back of the Eel River
Friends of the Eel River, July 21 2016

What is Decision 1610?
Friends of the Eel River, July 21 2016


Learning from Yesterdays Mistakes to Avoid Tomorrows Tragedies

Federal Water Decision that Could Affect Russian River Flows Imminent
Press Democrat, May 2015

Feds OK Plan to Keep More Water in Lake Pillsbury Reservoir
Press Democrat, May 2015

Drying Times are Trying Times for Eel River Fish

Eel River Flows Still Too Low in Peak Salmon Spawning Period
Eureka Times Standard, December 2015


Feds Clear PG&E to Cut Flows for Eel River Fish

Beautiful River, Growing Thirst, Looming Battle Over the Eel River

The Potter Valley Variance Dance

PG&E Plan May Reduce Water Flowing into Lake Mendocino

Bring Better Science to Dam Management


Eel River Stakeholders Hear History & Concerns

2010 & earlier

Lawsuit Initiated on Behalf of Eel & Russian Rivers, 2010

Use of Eel River Water Needs Discussion, 2010

A Tale of Two Rivers, 2004