SMART Prevents More Deliveries of Gas-Filled Cars to Shellville

The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit Authority prevented a North Coast freight operator from delivering a dozen more rail cars filled with an estimated 396,000 gallons of flammable gas to a storage site south of Sonoma, escalating tensions between the rail agencies. The squabble is increasing uncertainty for freight customers along the Highway 101 corridor, where … Read more

Officials Raise Alarm Over 2.4 Million Gallons of Flammable Gas Parked in Rail Cars South of Sonoma

The storage of approximately 2.4 million gallons of liquefied petroleum gas in dozens of rail cars south of Sonoma is raising public safety concerns and demands that the hazardous material be removed immediately. About 80 rail cars filled with flammable gas are parked on tracks in Schellville just south of where Highway 121 intersects 8th … Read more