The Eel River watershed has many opportunities for hiking, camping, kayaking, and more!

Check out this inspiring video of kayakers enjoying some whitewater on the Middle Fork Eel River.

Liquid Fusion Kayaking’s Cate Hawthorne whitewater kayaking on the mainstem of the Eel River below Outlet Creek. | Photo by Mark Boyd

If you’re an experienced paddler with your own gear, we highly recommend Dan Menten’s New School Guide to Northern California Whitewater.

If you’d prefer to have a guide, we recommend Liquid Fusion Kayaking, or AC Fly Fishing if you’re looking to play with some steelhead!

Click here for A Disabled Hiker's Guide to the Redwoods
Click to access Save the Redwoods League’s accessibility guide to the redwoods. Location, fees, and trail recommendations included.

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