No Coal In Humboldt

No Coal In Humboldt No Coal In Humboldt is a growing coalition of health, environmental, faith, business, and community groups across the North Coast of California that believe in the power of clean energy and the value of clean water. We oppose new coal export infrastructure that will pollute our air and water, harm our communities and worsen the impacts of climate change.

Abandoned rail car.

No Coal In Humboldt opposes restoration of rail on the Northwestern Pacific right-of-way through the Eel River Canyon because of the threat it poses to the rugged and magnificent river ecosystem. Restoring rail to the North Coast would inevitably lead to coal transportation because coal is the only commodity with sufficient volume to repay the multi-billion dollar cost of restoring the rail line. Major impacts to the environment and public health would inevitably ensue.

Restoring rail would also mean the end of the Great Redwood Trail, a spectacular outdoor recreation opportunity for our region. The Great Redwood Trail would be the longest rail-to-trail project in the nation, connecting San Francisco Bay to Humboldt Bay and offering world-class hiking and biking through the stunning Eel River Canyon.

Thus coalition members oppose both restoring rail to the region and the export of coal out of Humboldt Bay.

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