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Dirty Coal Coming to Town?!

 A shadowy shell corporation is threatening our future with an apparent proposal to purchase the Northwestern Pacific rail line, ...
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A Victory for Summer Steelhead

Only a small genetic difference separates winter-run and summer-run steelhead, but that little bit of nucleic acid makes a big ...
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Rep. Jared Huffman on How the North Coast’s Wild Lands are Faring in D.C.

Congressman Jared Huffman joins Gang Green to talk about this legislative session. Top of his mind, as always, is his ...
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Is Your Fish Safe to Eat?

Mercury is a potent neurotoxin, particularly harmful to young children and developing fetuses. Mercury is commonly present in fish, but ...
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Protecting the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Eel River

The Wildlands Conservancy is close to acquiring the 26,600 acre Lone Pine Ranch. This property contains more than 20 miles ...
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Cape Horn Dam at high flows requiring closure of the fish ladder.

Friends of the Eel River Force FERC to Comply with the Endangered Species Act

 There's a proposal to remove the fish-blocking Scott Dam on the Eel River but looming problems still remain. Cape ...
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EcoNews Report Toxic Tires Killing Coho

The EcoNews Report talks with guest Warner Chabot, ED of the San Francisco Estuary Institute, who gives us the ...
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EcoNews Report on summer steelhead and spring chinook salmon

Recent scientific discoveries have validated the ancient knowledge that summer-run steelhead and spring chinook salmon are truly distinct from their ...
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EcoNews Report on Scott Dam Removal

The EcoNews crew with guests Darren Mierau of California Trout and Klamath dam campaign veteran Craig Tucker discussing the nascent plan to ...
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The Wildlands Conservancy Protects Valuable California Ecology

Emily Allee of the Wildlands Conservancy joins Tom Wheeler (of EPIC) and Alicia Hamann (of Friends of the Eel) to ...
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Great Redwood Trail Ribbon Cutting Ukiah

Great Redwood Trail Ribbon Cutting

Last month our staff attended a ribbon cutting in Ukiah for the first officially branded portion of the Great Redwood ...
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EcoNews Report Interview on Eel River Dams

The EcoNews crew talks about restoring fisheries on the Eel River with CalTrout’s North Coast manager, Darren Mierau. An agreement ...
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Summer steelhead in the Middle Fork Eel River. | Photo by Shaun Thompson Cal Dept of Fish & Wildlife

Talking About Summer Steelhead on Jefferson Public Radio

Geoffrey Riley of Jefferson Public Radio and FOER Conservation Director Scott Greacen discuss FOER's summer steelhead listing petition. Tune in ...
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American Avocet, the species with the biggest decline in eBird | Ken Burton

Data Suggests Broad Decline Among Regional Bird Populations

"Data suggests that 2/3 of regional bird species are in decline, 1/3 of those are double digit declines" Friends of ...
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A New Hope for an Ancestral River

“Many people know that the river’s name is the Eel River right now, but the original name is Wiyot, that’s ...
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Cannabis growing in Humboldt County

Talking About the Bigger Picture of California’s Legal Cannabis Industry

Are prohibitionary cities and counties unintentionally sanctioning the illegal cannabis market? Friends of the Eel River's Conservation Director Scott Greacen ...
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Aerial view of Shasta Dam

“Bi-partisan” Action at the Expense of California Salmon

What is the WIIN Act, and why are congressional representatives from California pushing to extend it 5 years before it ...
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Is Policy Before Science the New Norm in Water Regulations?

Tune in for a discussion of how federal agencies are protecting fish, or rather failing to do so. Scott Greacen, ...
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Governor Brown Signed the Great Redwood Trail Bill!

Tune in to hear Scott Greacen, FOER's Conservation Director and Humboldt County's 3rd District Supervisor Mike Wilson discuss SB 1029 ...
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In Landmark Decision California Court Finds Public Trust Doctrine Applies to Groundwater

“It feels like law has yet to absorb the lessons of science.” Friends of the Eel River’s Conservation Director Scott Greacen ...
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