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Congressman Jared Huffman Returns to the Show to Spill All the DC Tea

We don't know why he continues to join the show—doesn't he realize he's palling around with a bunch of treehugging ...
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Big Gov’t Isn’t Coming to Steal Your Gas Stove (But Maybe It Should)

For a weird, brief moment, prominent conservatives pitched a collective freak out over the false notion that the Biden Administration was ...
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Climate Change Supercharging Winter Storms

Global warming increases the amount of moisture in the atmosphere, supercharging winter storms like the slate of atmospheric rivers that ...
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California’s Third Shakiest Earthquake

Humboldt’s Queen of Quakes, Dr. Lori Dengler professor emeritus of geology at CalPoly Humboldt, joins Gang Green to break down ...
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Trespass Cannabis Grows Polluting Surface Waters?

Trespass cannabis grows, those rogue operations of pot production on public land, often employ chemicals banned for sale in the ...
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How to Make Ethical Decisions in a Complicated World

 Trying to be an ethical person in the modern world is hard. How should we weigh the site-specific impacts ...
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How Do We Count The Fish

 On this week’s edition of the EcoNews Report, host Alicia Hamann of Friends of the Eel River is joined ...
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Grrrroovy Eel River Issues

 This week on the EcoNews Report your host Tom Wheeler chats with Friends of the Eel River's Alicia Hamann ...
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Big Doings on the Beautiful Eel River

On this week's EcoNews Report, Scott and Alicia from Friends of the Eel River join Gang Green to talk about ...
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Coal Trains Inch Forward with Surface Transportation Board Decision

Two weeks ago, the federal Surface Transportation Board made some important decisions about the future of trails in our region ...
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KMUD The Environment Show – Exciting Times Fighting for the Eel River

KMUD: The Environment Show May 3, 2022 Every Tuesday at 7 PM Host: Tom Wheeler of EPIC Guests: Alicia Hamann, ...
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The Beginning of the End for Eel River Dams

On Thursday, we celebrated the expiration of PG&E’s 50-year license for the Eel River dams. Next up comes license surrender, ...
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FOER on the Untangled Podcast

 Untangled Podcast with AC Fly Fishing Season 2 Episode 18: Alicia Hamann- Executive Director at Friends of the Eel ...
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FOER on the Ecology Hour, KZYX

Friends of the Eel River on the Ecology Hour, KZYX Host: Anna Halligan Tuesday, March 22, 2022 7:00pm to 8:00pm ...
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What’s Next for Eel River Dams?

In this week’s edition of the EcoNews Report, Friends of the Eel River discuss developments in the thrilling drama of ...
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Year-End Wrap Up (We Ain’t Gonna Miss You, 2021)

Join Gang Green for a review of the highlights and lowlights of 2021. Friends of the Eel River organized a ...
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EcoNews Report: Protecting the 'Grand Canyon' of the Eel River

Coming Soon — Camping by the Grand Canyon of the Eel River

Have you ever seen the “Grand Canyon of the Eel River”? Few have, but that might change soon thanks to ...
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KMUD Monday Morning Magazine 10.18.2021

Alicia chats with KMUD about the battle to fight the potential coal train during the Monday Morning Magazine. Learn about local ...
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Eel River Wins Before FERC

In a setback to the Two Basin Partnership — which sought to gain control over the two fish-blocking dams on ...
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Dirty Coal Coming to Town?!

 A shadowy shell corporation is threatening our future with an apparent proposal to purchase the Northwestern Pacific rail line, ...
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