Climate Anxiety Support Webinar

Climate Anxiety Webinar

Friends of the Eel River and the Environmental Protection Information Center: EPIC hosted an interview with author and professor Sarah Jaquette Ray about her new book “A Field Guide to Climate Anxiety: How to Keep Your Cool on a Warming Planet”. Tune in to learn tools to help avoid burnout, why peddling hope and leveraging … Read more

Video from California Supreme Court Hearing

Video from our hearing at the California Supreme Court on May 4 challenging the North Coast Railroad Authority’s refusal to conduct thorough environmental review is now available. A decision is required within 90 days of the hearing, we anticipate a decision may be published in early July. Listen to our June 1 EcoNews Report on KHSU or … Read more

Pacific Lamprey Attemping Van Arsdale Fish Ladder

Pacific lamprey attempting fish ladder on Eel River

During a site visit to the Potter Valley Project Friends of the Eel River staff observed lamprey attempting and mostly failing to climb the fish ladder at the Van Arsdale fish counting station. Pacific Lamprey, the fish for which the Eel River was “mis-named” are anadromous just like salmon, meaning they migrate between freshwater and … Read more

PBS Newshour: Water for Weed

Spencer Michaels of PBS NewsHour discusses low flows in the Eel River and the relationship with cannabis and grape farmers. Scott Greacen is interviewed and asked about the impact of low flows on fish and wildlife, May 2015. Click here to learn about our work seeking effective regulation of California’s cannabis industry, including our lawsuit … Read more

Pacific Lamprey Spawning in Eel River

Pacific Lamprey spawning in Eel River below Tomki Creek, April 18 2015. Footage by Dustin Revel. Pacific Lamprey are the fish for which the Eel River was “mis-named”. Thought by white settlers to resemble Atlantic eels, lamprey actually lack the jaws and paired fins that distinguish other fish. They also have round sucker-like mouths, no … Read more