Dangerous Dams in Our Backyard

On this week’s episode of the EcoNews Report we reflect on the tragic dam failure in Libya last month and discuss why Scott Dam on the Eel River poses similar risks. The PG&E owned dam sits right on a significant fault line, the Bartlett Spring Fault. Between its unusual engineering and a century’s worth of accumulated sediment, many factors are converging to make even PG&E wary of the risk. That’s why the company made drastic changes to how they manage the dam last spring. And that’s why they are pursuing expedited dam removal right now.

Tune in to hear Alicia Hamann and Scott Greacen from Friends of the Eel River share their concerns about dam safety and lethal water temperatures for juvenile steelhead, and their hope for dam removal.

Be sure to follow Friends of the Eel River to join the movement to Free the Eel – we’ll need your help writing comments to PG&E starting next month.

Bigger Storms, Poor Oversight Put Dams at Risk, NCJ, Oct. 5, 2023