Submit Comments on PG&E’s Initial Draft Decommissioning Plan

PG&E has released their initial draft decommissioning plan for the Potter Valley Project. The plan calls for removal of both Scott and Cape Horn Dams, and provides a few options for consideration by stakeholders. This initial draft does not include environmental review, proposed license surrender conditions, or a conceptual restoration plan; those will come with their final draft expected in May 2024. The final license surrender and decommissioning plan is due to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in January 2025.

Comments are due by December 22, 2023

It is important that PG&E hear unique comments in your own words. So, the form below is blank and does not include a sample letter. Some suggested talking points are provided below, but please put a personal touch on your comments.

Talking points

  • I strongly support PG&E’s plan to remove both dams, beginning in 2028. Eel River fish don’t have time to waste, and we squander the benefits of dam removal if it is delayed.
  • Removing Scott Dam as soon as possible is a high priority, we prefer the rapid removal approach.
  • Removing Cape Horn Dam as soon as possible is a high priority. PG&E’s proposal to remove the dam is straightforward and preferred. However, if water users are able to present a complete plan that will not delay dam removal, we will support alternative C-1, the control section with pump station. Alternative C-2, roughened channel with gravity supply is not supported because it poses potential risk to migrating fish.
  • PG&E must provide for environmental restoration of the Project footprint to the satisfaction of state and federal agencies.
  • PG&E should consult with interested Tribes early and often and protect cultural sites

Comments can be submitted via email directly to PG&E here:

Submit comments via email directly to PG&E