FOER Comments on 8 Mile Bridge

Eight Mile Bridge

CalTrans is preparing to rebuild Eight Mile Bridge, formally known as South Eel River Bridge, on hwy 162 crossing Outlet Creek. In their Initial Study CalTrans proposes a Mitigated Negative Declaration, and recognizes the public dangers posed by this seismically unsound structure with very narrow traffic lanes and shoulders. Our primary concerns are limiting disruption … Read more

‘Scouring’ Might Damage Fernbridge, Reports Caltrans

Information from Caltrans: This winter’s powerful and near-constant storms took their toll on roads across our District. As a result, many of our area’s rivers flooded – in one case, the Eel River closed Route 211 at Fernbridge. The high, swiftly-moving floodwaters eroded riverbanks up and down the river’s length, and the banks of the … Read more