Protecting the ‘Grand Canyon’ of the Eel River

The Wildlands Conservancy is close to acquiring the 26,600 acre Lone Pine Ranch.  This property contains more than 20 miles of river frontage, hundreds of acres of wetlands, and over 86 million board feet of trees in the standing forest, which can be protected to sequester vast amounts of carbon dioxide. The acquisition will build on an earlier purchase of 3,000 acres in 2019 and is sandwiched between two other ecological reserves, the Spyrock Reserve upriver and the Emerald Water Reserve downriver. With the completion of the Great Redwood Trail, you will be able to bike or hike to Lone Pine in the future, where Wildlands Conservancy hopes to have an established campground.

Here’s the catch: while Wildlands Conservancy has raised over $20 million to purchase Lone Pine, they are still $9 million short and their purchase option will expire.

Find out more about Lone Pine and how you can help safeguard the Grand Canyon of the Eel River in this week’s show.

Click here to read our letter of support for legislative funding for the Lone Pine Ranch Acquisition.

Visit The Wildlands Conservancy’s webpage dedicated to the Lone Pine Ranch Acquisition.