Dirty Coal Coming to Town?!

A shadowy shell corporation is threatening our future with an apparent proposal to purchase the Northwestern Pacific rail line, kill the dream of the Great Redwood Trail, and ultimately export coal to Asia from Humboldt Bay. Tune in to hear your friends from Friends of the Eel River, Humboldt Baykeeper, and EPIC discuss the details of how such an absurd proposal is even possible, and why we must take this threat seriously and fight it with everything we’ve got!



Please join us in demanding our local, state, and national representatives use every possible means to stop the coal train. We need your support on two actions.

Click here to take action on both!
  • Tell the Surface Transportation Board to proceed with railbanking.
  • Tell the Humboldt Bay Harbor District to protect Humboldt Bay by passing an ordinance to prohibit or impede coal export facilities within their jurisdiction.