Humboldt Bay Rail Concept Level Construction Cost and Revenue Analysis

Read the full report prepared by BST Associates and The Burgel Rail Group on behalf of the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District. Rail service to Humboldt County will require a major investment, through either a new East- West rail alignment or through reconstruction of the former North-South line. In order for this investment to be financially … Read more

Environmental Groups File Appeals in Railroad Case

Media Release                                                                                 Tuesday, July 8, 2013 Friends of the Eel River: Scott Greacen (707) 502-4555, Californians for Alternatives to Toxics: Patty Clary, (707) 834-4833,   Environmental Groups File Appeals in Railroad Case Challenge Ruling Preempting Environmental Review Promised and Paid For  San  Francisco – Friends of the Eel River (FOER) and Californians for … Read more

Summer Water Woes Require Responsible Use

Summer is coming. Coho salmon that spawn in the South Fork of the Eel River—a population that may still number only several thousand fish in a good year—are the critical anchor, state and federal experts say, for the survival and recovery of the species in streams south of the Oregon border. No other watershed in … Read more

North Coast Railroad Authority: ‘We Don’t Have to Follow Your Laws’

Hank Sims / Sept. 2 @ 2:04 p.m. “NCRA, acting as the CEQA [California Environmental Quality Act] lead agency, has a duty pursuant to CEQA guidelines to neither approve nor carry out a project as proposed unless the significant environmental effects have been mitigated to an acceptable level, where possible.” – “Executive Summary: Draft Environmental Impact … Read more

Environmental Groups Challenge Railroad's Failure to Review Impacts

For immediate release: July 20, 2011 For more information: Friends of the Eel River: Scott Greacen, North Coast Director, Arcata:             707-502-4555 Nadananda, Executive Director, Sausalito:             415-332-9810 Website: Californians for Alternatives to Toxics (CATs): Patty Clary, Executive Director             707-834-4833   Environmental Groups Challenge Railroad’s Failure to Review Impacts Two North Coast citizens’ … Read more

Notice of Intent to Sue – NCRA

  June 7, 2011 Dear Directors and Decision-makers for the North Coast Rail Authority: This letter provides written notice that the Friends of the Eel River (“FOER”) intends to file a lawsuit should the North Coast Rail Authority (NCRA) certify the Final Environmental Impact Report (“FEIR”) for the NCRA Russian River Division Freight Rail Project … Read more

Eel River rail line tough to build, and tough to kill

By GAYE LeBARON FOR THE PRESS DEMOCRAT  Published: Saturday, April 30, 2011 at 3:00 a.m.   The rail line through the Eel River Canyon hasn’t carried a train for 13 years. “Oh, we’ll all go out to meet her when she comes…We’ll be shoutin’ ‘Hallelujah!’ when she comes.” Or, perhaps, the variation on the old campfire … Read more

Marin Voice: Lopsided freight train lease

By Bernard Meyers Guest op-ed column Posted: 03/24/2011 02:00:00 AM PDT TWO TRAINS share the tracks running through Marin to Humboldt Bay — one for commuter service (SMART) and one for freight (North Coast Railroad Authority). No trains have run for a decade, but freight trains could soon be if the last hurdles are cleared. NCRA’s … Read more