Court Ruling Restores Right to Limit Russian River Water Use

A state appeals court has restored the authority of California water regulators to direct reductions in cold-weather sprays by grape growers and other waterfront farmers along the Russian River that have led to deaths of endangered species of salmon. A Mendocino County judge previously ruled that the state Water Resources Control Board lacked authority to … Read more

Freezing Out Fish in Whine Country

Freezing Out Fish in Whine Country   By Lloyd G. Carter Do not expect the State Water Resources Control Board’s recently adopted frost prevention self-monitoring program to halt the Russian River fishery’s slow slide toward extinction. If anything, the new regulations may hasten extinction, given the wine growing industry’s practice of virtually drying up the … Read more

The Real Frost Protection Conspiracy

 by Will Parrish on Sep 28th, 2011            The Anderson Valley Advertiser The primary mandate of the California State Water Resources Control Board (SWRCB), a division of the California Environmental Protection Agency, is to ensure adequate water for California’s fish populations. Its actual function, however, has proved to be altogether different. In … Read more

How Wine Rules

by Darwin Bond-Graham and Will Parrish on Jul 27th, 2011 If you’ve followed the Anderson Valley Advertiser for any length of time, you’re no doubt aware that the wine industry wields inordinate political power, not only here on the North Coast, but at the state-wide level also. Whether they’re fighting to prevent regulation of their enormous appetite for … Read more

The Mendonoma Coast’s Second Spanish Invasion

Help Support Important Local Reporting, Subscribe Today Will Parrish:  Laytonville Photo: The North Coast’s biggest forestland to vineyard conversion ever? Courtesy Friends of the Gualala River Spanish wine corporation Grupo Codorníu is accustomed to doing things in a big way.  It is reputed to own a greater expanse of vineyard acreage than any wine company … Read more

Drinking Our Rivers Dry

Help Support Important Local Reporting, Subscribe Today Drinking Our Rivers Dry By WILL PARRISH The latest in California’s North Coast wine oligarchy’s long series of legislative coups de grace occurred on December 14.  In a 5-0 vote, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors rubber-stamped new regulations on frost protection in the Russian River water basin, … Read more

Will Parrish: Mendo’s Biggest Wine Country Corporations

Help Support Important Local Reporting, Subscribe Today From WILL PARRISH Laytonville “We have chosen as our first topic of discussion the reality of the business — cash. Everything we do eventually finds its way back to this common denominator. That is, cash in and cash out. … At Duckhorn Vineyards, we earn approximately 24% cash … Read more

Will Parrish: Who Really Rules Mendo Wine Country?

Help Support Important Local Reporting, Subscribe Today From WILL PARRISH Laytonville The North Coast wine industry is a sprawling, multi-billion dollar enterprise.  It encompasses  hundreds of thousands of acres of prime agricultural land in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Marin, Lake, and Solano counties; commands millions of acre feet of the area’s ever-more scarce water resources; and … Read more