Subdividing Humboldt

How Bob McKee remade SoHum and bought himself a decade-long lawsuit.

For many people in the county, he’s an embattled hero who cares about community and land,
and who gave fleeing city dwellers a chance to live their pastoral dreams. To others, he’s a serial
subdivider out for personal gain who helped create a culture of isolated, resource-gobbling
property owners — many of them marijuana growers — whose first thoughts are rarely about
the environment.

“In a way we’re running an experiment with no controls,” said Friends of the Eel River
Executive Director Scott Greacen. When he first took a job at Friends of the Eel River, he called
McKee to ask for his perspective on homesteaders. “He told me straight off — with no apparent
intent to deceive — that he was convinced people he sold land treated it better than the people
they bought it from. He made a very compelling case that this was true. And there’s no question
that can be true, and clearly it is true in some cases. The problem is, when you look at the
numbers, they tell a different picture.”

Bob McKee on Tooby RanchRead the full article published in the North Coast Journal

Article and Photos By: Grant Scott-Goforth

Published: Thursday, July 11 2013