Comments to Humboldt County Board of Supervisors re: General Plan Update, Water Resources Element

January 12, 2015

Dear Supervisors,

On the whole, Friends of the Eel River believes the current draft of the Water Resources Element reflects the need to protect and restore our water resources. There are, however, still places in the draft where the wording could be improved to clarify the relationships between the goals the county is seeking to achieve, the practices we are seeking to implement, and the standards set under relevant state and federal law.

One proposed policy where we see an opportunity to clarify by simplifying the language as drafted is P7.

WR-P7. Cumulative Impacts of Rural Subdivision. Cumulative impacts on beneficial uses of water withdrawal from surface and groundwater sources and sewage disposal shall be assessed during prior to the zoning and subdivision of all areas not served by municipal water supply designated for Rural Development.

While these changes clarify the policy, they do not answer the question of how this policy will be implemented. As written, the policy lacks any enforceable standard or implementation measures.

Thank you for your time and efforts on the Water Resources Element.



Alicia Hamann
Friends of the Eel River