North Coast Railroad Authority Seeks Permission to Ignore State Law from SCOTUS

Railroad falling into the Eel River

Last month the California Supreme Court ruled in our favor, and said that the North Coast Railroad Authority (NCRA) needs to follow state law in attempting to rebuild their failed rail line through the Eel River canyon. This important decision means that before rebuilding the Northwest Pacific line, at one time the most expensive rail line in the nation to maintain, the NCRA will have to conduct thorough environmental review as outlined in the California Environmental Quality Act.

After our big win at the California Supreme Court, we anticipated some pushback from the NCRA. Which is why we are preparing to defend this victory for the Eel River in the unlikely event that the Supreme Court decides to review the case.

The Lost Coast Outpost has great coverage of this recent development with the NCRA, as well as when the California Transportation Commission requested they prepare a shut-down plan in July.

Read more about our case against the North Coast Railroad Authority here on our website.