New Earthquake Hazards App Shows Fault Line at Scott Dam Location

A new app from the California Department of Conservation called EQ Zapp identifies earthquake hazard zones based on several types of geologic ground failures. These include fault ruptures, liquefaction of the soil, and earthquake induced landslides. The EQ Zapp shows a startling picture of Lake Pillsbury reservoir with Bartlett Springs fault running right through it. The reservoir contains roughly 80,000 acre feet of water impounded by the 100 year old, high-hazard Scott Dam.

Check out the app for yourself and explore other earthquake hazard zones near you.

Bartlett Springs fault runs right through the middle of Lake Pillsbury Reservoir, creating an earthquake hazard.
The California Earthquake Hazards Zone Application (EQ Zapp) shows Bartlett Springs fault running right through the middle of Lake Pillsbury Reservoir.

More About Scott Dam

Scott Dam is part of a complex of two dams and an out of basin diversion in the Eel River headwaters known as the Potter Valley Project. Dam owners Pacific Gas and Electric began the process of license renewal in 2017. They are now exploring options to unburden themselves of this liability-laden project. Scott Dam blocks salmonid access to nearly 300 miles of prime spawning grounds. It also while also limits the flow of sediment and accumulating methyl mercury. Learn more about the Potter Valley Project and why it should be decommissioned and removed here.