Declaration of Solidarity with Round Valley Indian Tribes’ State of Emergency


In response to the Round Valley Indian Tribes Resolution No. RV-2023-07, A Resolution Declaring a State of Emergency for the Round Valley Indian Tribes, Friends of the Eel River stands in solidarity with the Round Valley Indian Tribes, the sovereign Tribal Nation of the Indian Tribes of the Round Valley Indian Reservation, recognized by the Federal Government of the United States of America.

Friends of the Eel River acknowledges the duty of the Round Valley Tribal Council, the elected governing body of the Round Valley Indian Tribes tribal members and territories, to take the necessary steps and actions to promote the health, welfare and economic well-being of its membership.

The State of California is a Public Law 280 state, meaning the state has criminal jurisdiction in Native American Tribes, and a responsibility to care for the well-being of Tribal members. Today the Indigenous People of our state and county continue to lead statistics in underserved communities where access to health care services are limited and activities related to homicide, drug trafficking, and Missing and Murdered Indigenous Men and Women continue to rise.

Standing in solidarity with the Round Valley Indian Tribes means we recognize the need for governmental agencies to act with urgency, as it is their duty and responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all. We ask local, State, and Federal agencies to expedite services to meet basic safety, housing, and medical needs and ensure equal human rights on and off the reservation are afforded to all Indigenous People and People of Color.

In Solidarity,


Alicia Hamann
Executive Director