A Native Plan to Restore the Winter Run Chinook

California is well known as an agricultural powerhouse, feeding the world with almonds, rice, avocados, stone fruits and wine. But long ago, from its coastal watersheds to its interior mountains, this state was shaped by another force altogether: salmon. Caleen Sisk, chief of the Winnemem Wintu people, wants to see California embrace its natural – … Read more

Eel River Flows Still Too Low in Peak Salmon Spawning Period + RVITs Comments to FERC

This month’s rainfall and cooler temperatures have helped lessen the strain on salmon migrating on the Eel River, but not near enough to ease the concerns of local researchers. And they have their reasons. By: Will Houston November 29, 2015 Eureka Times Standard Since Chinook salmon began entering the drought-stricken river this year, they were … Read more