Scientists Are Planning the Next Big Washington March

**UPDATE** The March for Science date has been set for April 22. Check out this international map of march locations. Get involved with a local march, for example Humboldt county’s march here. Last weekend, a massive milieu of women in pink hats descended on Washington, D.C. for the Women’s March. The next big protest being … Read more

Planning and implementing small dam removals: lessons learned from dam removals across the eastern United States

  Abstract: We review and build on a growing literature assessing small dam removal outcomes to inform future dam removal planning. Small dams that have exceeded their expected duration of operation and are no longer being maintained are at risk of breach. The past two decades have seen a number of small dam removals, though … Read more

US Ecosystem Research Receives $5 Million Boost from the NSF

This kind of science represents the future: large-scale, wired programs that integrate fertile teams of naturalists, geoscientists and programmers. Science and engineering students could set their sights on cookie-cutter technology careers or take on the greatest challenge of our time: learning how the Earth works and changing our ways of life to work with it. … Read more