Mohawks become first tribe to take down a federal dam

HOGANSBURG, N.Y. (AP) — A century after the first commercial dam was built on the St. Regis River, blocking the spawning runs of salmon and sturgeon, the stream once central to the traditional culture of New York’s Mohawk Tribe is flowing freely once again. The removal of the 11-foot-high Hogansburg Dam this fall is the … Read more

Time to Build Our Collective Strength

Fall 2016 Dear Friends, I write to you on Wednesday, November 9th, the day after the election. The morning sun’s bright warmth does not diminish the queasy dread rising, like a cold tide, over what I had dared to hope was a better world. The letter I wrote you last week now reads like a … Read more

Planning and implementing small dam removals: lessons learned from dam removals across the eastern United States

  Abstract: We review and build on a growing literature assessing small dam removal outcomes to inform future dam removal planning. Small dams that have exceeded their expected duration of operation and are no longer being maintained are at risk of breach. The past two decades have seen a number of small dam removals, though … Read more

Salmon, Climate Change Cast Doubt on Future of Dams

A major federal court decision requires reassessment of four dams on the Lower Snake River in Washington, and may set a precedent for others. The dams block access to some 5,500 miles of historic salmon spawning. ALMOST FROM THE moment they were completed in 1975, four hydroelectric dams on the Lower Snake River in eastern Washington … Read more

Reservoirs are a Major Source of Global Greenhouse Gases, Scientists Say

Countries around the world are trying to get their greenhouse gas emissions under control — to see them inch down, percentage point by percentage point, from where they stood earlier in the century. If everybody gets on board, and shaves off enough of those percentage points, we just might be able to get on a … Read more

Benbow Dam Removal Began August 1

California’s environment got a little help from humans this month when the destruction of The Benbow Dam began on Aug. 1. Though seen as a sad day for many who used the Benbow Lake during its 50 years as a community swimming location, others view the demolition as a long-overdue return to a more natural … Read more